Discover the Voices Supporting Our Journey Towards a More Connected, Diverse, and Collaborative Future.

“Clayton’s friendly and open approach to all residents makes him stand out as a council member who will truly listen and respond to our community’s needs.”

Toby, Resident, Fountain Hills

“I endorse Clayton for Town Council because of Clayton’s deep understanding of the importance of a supportive community network. Clayton envisions a Fountain Hills where neighbors support each other, and community resources are accessible to everyone. Clayton’s commitment to developing programs that connect residents and provide support where needed will make our town a more caring and supportive place to live.”

Dori, Owner, ReMax Sun Properties

“I can’t think of a better candidate to endorse for the Town Council of Fountain Hills than Clayton Corey.  The most important thing for me in a candidate is someone who has already poured their heart into serving our community and demonstrating their leadership through service. Clayton has already proven his ability to lead Fountain Hills, and it’s refreshing to have a candidate who values hearing all voices. Clayton understands that a strong community is built on the foundation of active participation and inclusiveness. I trust him to lead us to a better tomorrow because he loves this town and isn’t chasing a personal agenda. We need this breath of fresh air.”

Vicky, Owner, Night Sky Tourist

“As a champion of diversity, Clayton is the ideal candidate for our Town Council. Clayton recognizes that our strength lies in our diversity – embracing different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives enriches our community fabric. Clayton’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where all residents feel valued and respected is a testament to Clayton’s visionary leadership. I proudly endorse Clayton for a more diverse and vibrant Fountain Hills.”

Rory, Commissioner, Community Services Advisory Commission