Vote for Clayton Corey for Fountain Hills Town Council by July 30!

Clayton Corey for Fountain Hills
Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce Legislative Report Card
Clayton Corey for Fountain Hills

Enhancing our Town's Infrastructure

It’s crucial for the wellbeing of our community to modernize and maintain our infrastructure, encompassing roads, sidewalks and public facilities, to accommodate our needs today and in the future. The current state of our streets requires smart, strategic repairs that involve and consider the entire community.

Let’s work together to ensure our infrastructure is robust and reliable for everyone.

Promoting Economic Growth and Community Vitality

Attracting new families to our community will invigorate our economy and enrich our educational landscape. Their active participation will foster stronger community engagement, bring fresh perspectives, and contribute to our diversity, ensuring long-term stability and promoting a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Families will support our small businesses and create an environment for new businesses to emerge and thrive.

Balancing Responsible Development with Preservation

Finding the right balance between thoughtful development and preserving our open spaces, landscapes, and unique charm of Fountain Hills is a responsibility I take to heart. I aim to uphold the beauty and environmental quality of our area, including our cherished dark skies. At the same time, I am committed to supporting well-planned development that benefits our community as a whole and grow responsibly.

With over 8 years of dedicated service to our community, I am eager to take a more active role in shaping our town’s future. My platform focuses on sustainable growth, enhancing infrastructure, and promoting economic vitality while balancing development with conservation. I have contributed significantly through my involvement with local organizations and my current roles on the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Fountain Hills Sanitary District Board of Directors. My professional background in technology and business at CVS Health further equips me to serve effectively.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact.


Here are some of the upcoming dates and deadlines:

July 19 Last day to request an early ballot

July 23 Last Day to Mail Back Your Ballot

July 26 Last Day to Vote Early in Person

July 30 Election Day!