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Dates: TBA(10am-5pm)
Location: Miranda Fine Arts, 6 North Pearl St., Port Chester, NY
Fee: $175.00 members, $200.00 non-members

Materials and Tools Fee: $175.00 or students must come to the class with a completed water gilded frame, 8"x 10" inner dimension.

Description: Sgraffito is the technique of scratching through a layer of paint to the gilded surface below. The water-gilded surface is painted with a hand-made egg tempera paint and once it dries, patterns are scraped and drawn into the surface allowing the gilded surface to show through. Fabulous effects are created which give another dimension and detail to a gilded surface. Often this technique was used in Renaissance panel painting. This is a great technique to use on reproduction frames and furniture.
Class size: 3-8

Taught by: Jill London (212) 475 3174

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