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Gilding on Paper

Dates:26 February-2 March, 2012
Have you ever thought about adding light to your images by embellishing your works of art with genuine gold leaf and semiprecious metals? Were you wondering how illuminated manuscripts were made and did you ever want to try some gilding techniques that have been practiced for centuries? This intensive workshop covers the principal techniques for applying metal leaf and gold leaf onto a broad range of papers using a variety of adhesives. Students are asked to bring works in progress and paper on which to experiment. The workshop covers copper leaf, aluminum leaf, gold leaf and mica powders, and various types of papers and shellacs. Beginner to intermediate.

Esalen Institue, Big Sur, CA T(831) 667-3000 E: | | Oil Gilding

There are several mediums the class will use to experiment with laying goldleaf on paper. Sturgeon glue size, jade glue, shellac and oil size , garlic and wondersize ( aquasize ) will be painted applied to a variety of papers and then we will learn to lay loose goldleaf onto the surface of the primed paper.
Students are asked to bring in works in progress and paper in which to experiment on.

Taught by: Jill London
Contact: Esalen Institute

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