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Oil Gilding

Dates: TBA (9:30 am-4:30 pm)
Location: 59a Mirabel Ave. San Francisco, CA. 94110
Fee: $375.00 members, $400.00 non-members
Class Size: 3-6

Materials and Tools Fee: $156.00. Students may supply their own tools if they have the following: a gilding kit that includes knife, tip, leaf, primer, various leaf including gold, size, etc.

Description:  This class will cover the basics of oil gilding. Participants will prepare and work on 9” x 12” boards and molding lengths. The instructor will take the students through all stages of oil gilding including: preparation and priming of the surface, application of the oil size, laying various types of leaf including gold, composition, aluminum and copper. The class will focus on the surface preparation and time variables of both slow and quick oil sizes. This class is ideal for all levels, beginners to professionals, who want to hone their skills. Participants will work with a gilder’s tip and knife, and various types of leaf.

Taught by:  Jill London (212) 475-3174,

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